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I should say to start with I don't know a great deal about Paul's past but what I do know/have heard is what I've written to form the biography below.
I don't really have a reliable source of information on Paul unless it's something I've heard him say. Also I'm not entirely sure that it's all accurate, you know what these dodgy journalists are like, so don't take it as 100% true!

Paul was born with a broken arm in Clapham 1965. This makes him 36, I'm not sure if this is correct, I'd say he was a bit younger but who knows? From what I've worked out 36 is right so I'll leave it at that.

Paul and his twin sister were brought up in Wembley where their father ran a menswear shop which was always two years out of fashion!

Always a music fan "It didn't matter if it was Kandinsky or the Sex Pistols", Paul formed the band 'Smell of Dead Fish' while attending his private school.

Nottingham University was next where Paul studied theater design, apparently he didn't know why because he always hated it! Another band was formed while completing his course, this time the dark and psychedelic Bowie, P.I.L. (Public Image Limited if you didn't know) influenced band 'We Are Pleb'. The drummer left to join The Cure, what a cheek! "I sacked him anyway" says Paul. Also Paul's done some DJ'ing in London clubs and apparently a cover of 'I'm In Love With A German Filmstar' by 'The Passions' with top punk band, 'The Jam Pandas' fronted by male model Keith Martin. (I'd like to hear that). Paul: "That was a one off, I always wanted to be a popstar".

Paul would change his hair colour every week and was said to have spent a few nights in jail after stealing some household items (not sure about the exact truth of that one).He and his twin sister would go out night-clubbing dressed as geisha girls (sounds interesting).

Paul became an avid lover of Arsenal at the age of fourteen and is now a season ticket holder. One of his sins and most embarrassing moment says Paul is this: "I used to be an in-house graphic designer for Spurs back in the late 80s. I figured that sticking the odd subliminal cannon into their merchandising catalogues would keep the evil spirits from my door, but I was wrong. The day before I left, I lit a fag on top of a crowded bus on my way home. The discarded match got stick in the turn-up of my trousers and I became a human inferno in seconds. I ran screaming off the bus still on fire, and a bloke from a carpet shop put me out with one of his rugs. I got home on the tube in a pair of singed Y-fronts, and bear the scars to this day". Poor man.

After being sacked for his subliminal tricks Paul earned a living by doing odd jobs in pubs and cafes to support himself as a painter. He was at one time offered a job on the Big Breakfast but turned it down and stayed on the dole because he "hates disposable TV".

Paul wasn't content with his life - "There was something about hitting 30 that made me want to make a mark and kick up a stink - art and revolution. In a way, Dennis Pennis was my contribution to messing things up a bit. Only problem was that I probably annoyed a lot of  potential employers" Paul says looking back. "I decided I needed a change. I went down to Oxford Street with a bunch of pals and a video recorder and spent an afternoon taking the piss out of shoppers in the kind of accent I could do, American". One of my fave moments from that is when he approaches a woman in a real fur coat and says "Is that real fur? And do you consider yourself a murdering bastard? But you're wearing a carcass!".

Dennis was born when Paul conducted a spoof interview with his band mates from We Are Pleb. From then on Dennis went to have a slot on 'The Sunday Show' and then his own Very Important Pennis show. Many characters have been played / created by Paul, Mike Strutter, Bob Slay, the voice of Jack Cake, Kenny Marsh, Bob Boona ("who's gonna soccer it to ya"), Lloyd Richmond and probably many more who I don't know or have forgotten. The only serious character and part to play was Kenny Marsh, the loveable sweetheart from BBC's '2000 Acres of Sky'.

Paul is of Jewish persuasion and used to visit the synagogue regularly as a child. He once prayed to God inside one that Tottenham Hotspur get relegated and for Arsenal to win the cup! He saw his first Arsenal game with his father in Highbury when he was fourteen. His dad took him to the synagogue and then straight to the game. He remembers thinking - "Wow, life doesn't get better than this, but it does infact get better if you don't go to a synagogue beforehand". As a child once in a synagogue, Paul was responsible for breaking ten children's fasts because he passed a packet of Polos down the aisle!

Paul married in 1989 but is seperated from wife Orly, who lives with their nine year old son Jordan on a kibbutz in Gaza. Paul remains close to his estranged wife and visits them both every couple of months in Israel. "He has seen some of the stuff I do on television in Israel. He likes the slapstick stuff in Perfect World and seeing people fall over. I miss him and worry about him. But he comes over here for chunks of time and I go there every few weeks. I am working on getting him to come and live with me in England, it's feasible even though his mum is a real kibbutznik".

Paul is currently living in London and looking for a house to live in. "I never used to imagine myself with a mortgage. Now I'm looking for a house to buy. For the last few years I've just been dossing on friend's floors - but I'm running out of friends. I actually quite like the idea of having somewhere of my own, I might even start painting again".

With the second series of Perfect World already started and possibly more 'Alien Abduction' episodes, it looks as though Paul will be a busy man, hopefully he'll continue to be on our screens acting out his mad and various characters.

Above Paul pictures copyright of Mirror Pix.com