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Jeff meets Dennis
This is what happened when Jeff Goldblum met Dennis, I put it up because it's quite amusing and one of my favourite Pennis moments. I think Jeff liked him quite a bit and was basically a bit baffled by the whole thing! Anywho read on.

Dennis: "Jeff. Quick word from the BBC".

Jeff: "Hello, you look so good"

Dennis: "You look good too".

Jeff: "Thank you".               

Dennis: "Thank you. Listen, I always wanted to know about the...the dinosaurs in Jurassic Park"

Jeff: "Yes, sir".

Dennis:  "How they made them look so real. I mean, there were times when David Attenborough was almost believable!"

Jeff: "Who? Who? Richard Attenborough?"

Dennis: "Dave wasn't it? Oh no, it was Richard".

Jeff: "Richard Attenborough".

Dennis: "You're right"

Jeff: "Of course, yes. Erm, you being from the BBC especially. Erm...."

Dennis: "I should have known that".

Jeff: "You're not an impostor are you? What have you done with (Dennis: "I'm not an impostor") the BBC....fellow".

Dennis: "Nothing. This is starting to peel off". (meaning the BBC sticker on the microphone as Jeff has started idly picking at it)

Jeff: "The...they made them look ve...very real. Erm, the...the...the...the greatest people, you know, erm. Ah, you know, erm, all sorts of techniques, and the computer animation and th...."

Dennis: "I don't really wanna know (Jeff looks a bit confused and then smiles) But I mean, you know Holsten Pils, right? (Jeff starts laughing at the ridiculousness of the whole thing) They were the official sponsor... "


Jeff: "You're a madman! (Dennis: They were...) You're a madman".

Dennis: "Thank you (Jeff: "Yes".) That's the nicest thing you could have said to me. But, I wanna know about Holsten Pils, right?"

Jeff: "What about it?" (Jeff is now very intrigued and amused)

Dennis: "They were the sponsors of Tottenham Hotspur (Dennis does a derogatory fake spit). I just wondered whether you'd feel responsible if Sugar ever turned to alcohol".
            Jeff: He's funny

Jeff: "He's funny (points at him) You're funny. You've got a funny....(does a "talkie" motion with his hand)...funny way of  (Dennis: "I have") way of speaking too".

Dennis: "A funny (does the "talkie" motion) Is that funny?"

Jeff: "Yeah! It's amusing".

Dennis: "Could you do a little bite for me? For the BBC? (Jeff: "A bite") Could you say "Hi, I'm Jeff Goldblum. Every time I'm in England I watch BBC 3".
 Jeff: "Watch this! Hi I'm Jeff Goldblum. And me, every time I'm in England I watch BBC 3. (voice deepens) Yes I do!"

Dennis: "Ha! Liar!" (Dennis looks really pleased with himself)

Jeff: "Noooo. You told me to say it! He told me to say it! Ah Jesus".

If you didn't understand everything mentioned read this, it might help:

Firstly, Richard Attenborough is of course the guy in Jurassic Park. David Attenborough is a guy famous over here in England for his nature programs.

Secondly, Holsten Pils is a lager we get here that Jeff used to do the adverts for. The advert line for Holsten Pils was "Most of the sugar turns to alcohol". Holsten Pils also sponsor Tottenham Hotspur, one of the football teams who are owned by a man called Alan Sugar. Make sense now?

And thirdly, of course there is no BBC 3. How mean, naughty Dennis.