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Here are some links, they're not all Paul related. There's some to my favourite sites and ones I think you might like too, so take a look at them!

nice picture
Above will take you to a brilliant picture of Paul. I'd like to use it on the site but it's against the policy of staystill.com. Have a look at it anyway.

Click the picture to go to the best site dedicated to the world's best band ever (well in my opinion), yes it is of course, the Sex Pistols! This is by far the best Pistols site I've seen, and believe me, I've seen a lot. If your looking for the Pistols then go there.

By clicking above you'll go to an ace site dedicated to the many hair styles of the lurverly Mr.Lydon/Rotten. You can also leave your comments there regarding your fave/worst styles of the rotten man.

Click above to go to my Special Kaye Yahoo club.

Above is one of the first women punk icons, Sue Catwoman. She and the likes of Gaye Advert, Siouxsie Sioux, Poly Styrene and Ari Up were popular in the 70s punk 'scene', they were the ones who came before the likes of Courtney Love. Click Sue to go to a cool page dedicated to the women of 70s punk.

This is my second fave punk band - The Clash, click the picture of their first album to go to a good site about them.

Oh swoon, it's the ever lovely, multitalented, Damon of Blur. To go to their official site (and you should if you know what's good for you) click Mr. Albarn.

copyright of Gorillaz.com
Carrying on with the Damon theme this is the Gorillaz. I got into them last year when they released 'Tomorrow Comes Today', they've become really popular now and everyone's heard of them. To go to their official interactive cool site, (which is amazing by the way) click their pic.

copyright of Green Day.com
Oh look it's Green Day, they're one of the first decent bands I got into and I'm sure you love them too. To go to their official site click the boys. If you're looking for Billie-Joe in particular (and who could blame you?) then click the Billie banner at the bottom of the page.

This 'Young Ones' site should be up soon according to the owners of it so keep visiting to check. "Neil I hate you".

Man alive! It's the best Harry Hill site on the web! Click the banner to go to an excellent revamped site about him. Sorted. Respect due.

Hokey-Pokey, pig in a pokey! If you're local and  want to visit one of the best Gents sites going then click above. There is no official site, the gents say the fans do too much of a good job so there's no need for one. You'll never leave.

Above is a link to the brilliant comedy 'Spaced'. Did you know that Paul was in an episode of the first series? Reece Shearsmith from 'League Of Gentlemen' has also made an appearance. This site is really good and there's plenty to see.

HELLO!? Visit the brilliant official Trigger Happy TV site by clicking the picture of Dom above.

Above leads the way to 'Sitcoms Online', you'll find everything comedy/sitcom related there.

The logo above will take you to the best 'Only Fools and Horses' site. The show is one of my favourite comedies of all time, along with others like 'Some Mothers Do 'Ave 'Em' and Fawlty Towers.

Above is a link to the John Simm / Human Traffic club. He's a great actor and Human Traffic is one of my favourite films (nice one bruvva).

The banner above will take you to the best 'Velvet Goldmine' dedicated site on the net. Velvet Goldmine is one of my favourite movies ever! The site 'Diamond Meadows' is about all things glam, glitter and Velvet Goldmine, definitely worth going to if you like the movie.

By clicking above you'll go to a good site dedicated to most things British comedy, it's a good site for finding out information.

Click above to go to my Grimleys and Ryan Cartwright club.

Click the image above to join TinTin's Dennis Pennis devoted Yahoo! group. Thanks again to her for some pictures : )

Click above to go to a fairly good site dedicated to the channel 4 comedy sketch show, 'Smack The Pony'. It would be better if it was updated more often and had more info.

The above banner will take you to a fantastic site devoted to one of my favourite films-Quadrophenia. Click above to visit the site and see all things Mod/Who/Quadrophenia/Scooter related.

Click the picture above to go to a funny site - ihateclowns.com. There's lots to look at and do there if you're a hater of these, quite frankly, disturbing and weird creatures.

Click the picture above to go to a great Alan Partridge site.

Click above to go to a good comedy site.

By following the link above you will be taken to another site jam-packed with humour, or as the Americans say - "humor".

Click the link above to go to a great humour site.


If you have a comedy/cool music site which you would like to have added to my links page, then email me to let me know. Then place the banner below onto your site. Link it to the Special Kaye address and I'll link back to you.

Top Paul picture copyright of Mirror Pix.com